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Day 4: Ampersand Love

My little brother is getting married in a month and today was his fiance’s bridal shower. And here I am in Oklahoma while they are there in California 😦

Sometimes (most of the time) the distance between the two places is just WAY.TOO.FAR!

For her shower I wanted to give her a little personalized creation, and I think I found the PERFECT gift. It was fun to make…. turned out adorable…. and I can’t wait to hear whether she liked it as much as I liked it. (In fact our bedroom wall is going to have one almost exactly like it adorning it soon).

Unfortunately, I only took a picture of the front ( which turned out fabulously) and not the back (which turned out….. ummmmm….. a bit improvised).

Here’s mine:

and here was the inspiration that I found on Pinterest:

On Melissa’s website, she gives a great tutorial on how she made hers. I followed it almost exactly except that I used Tan Burlap and larger chipboard letters. I found my white ampersand at Hobby Lobby.  Melissa must be way more fabulous than I, because no matter how hard I tried to get the frame back together, it WOULD NOT fit back together completely without the use of Duck Tape. Yep, Duck Tape (and not even the fancy kind- I used the plain jane silver roll) this is why I said the back was just a bit crazy. I was keeping it classy, I tell ya!!!  However, I found the perfect solution to cover up the Duck Tape….. Ella’s art paper (ya know the roll kind) that goes on her art easel. I cut off a piece that covered the tape and all of the back of the frame. Once I was sure that it was the right size, I wrote a sweet lovey dovey message about Allyson & Brad becoming an “and”, how they’ll always have each other, and lots of “X’s” and “O’s”… and then I glued it onto the back of the frame to cover up all that silver mess! . In all reality , by the time I was done it looked like the back of the frame was covered in that paper that art supply stores use. Impressive, huh? Hopefully Allyson was none the wiser and LOVES her Ampersand Sign as much as I do!!!

:-), Kirsten

About pin.create.enjoy

I'm Kirsten. And boy, do I enjoy what I pin & create- The successes bring me joy. The complete & utter failures make me laugh. (well, usually... Unless I have a hungry family sitting at the table and my epic fail is what was supposed to be our dinner. Then It doesn't really bring me much joy & laughter....)

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  1. Tiffany Cargill

    LOVE this! I’m working on re-doing our bedroom and will be making one for us 🙂 BTW…glad to see you are adapting in yet another way to living in Oklahoma. We use duct tape for everything, even elegant wedding gifts 🙂

  2. Tiffany- HA! Glad you like it!! I LOVE the way it turned out, and I know that yours will look adorable hanging on your wall as well!!! (And I suppose that giving the picture I made a little “Okie Style” just adds to the charm, right?)

  3. This is awesome! I love seeing what others do from my projects. As for the back – it was just barely on. A good sneeze and it would have came apart. 🙂 I did use a deep frame and I think that helped. I hope your brother and his new wife enjoy!


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