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Daily Archives: July 9, 2012

Day 6: Rainbow Cupcakes in honor of the Rain that I hope will soon be Falling….

Today the forecast called for rain. But, then again, so did yesterday’s weather report…..

and I fear those wonderful little droplets have passed us by…….

Here in Oklahoma, the weather seems to have a mind of its own. This California girl is beginning to realize that when they say it’s gonna rain, it probably won’t….. but on those days when they say we have a 20% chance, be sure to pack your umbrella, rain boots, and prepare the storm shelter ‘cuz it’s bound to get wild……

either way though- Rain or No Rain…. I wanted cupcakes. And I wanted cute ones. And I knew exactly which ones to make since I was in a

“Rainy State of Mind”.

Out of the pantry came the box of white cake mix (the picture shows yellow, but I used white and tossed it in the garbage before taking a picture… oops) , my food coloring,  my Kitchen Aid mixer and 6 little bowls.  I made the cake mix in the mixer and then divided it evenly into the small bowls. I followed the directions on the back of the McCormick assorted Food Coloring Drops and added color to each little bowl until I achieved the perfect shade of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue & Purple. I filled two muffin tins with little paper cups (I didn’t just grease and pour into the muffin tins because I wanted the colors to be more vibrant when I peeled the cupcake liners off. The first time I made these I did not use the liners and so the cupcakes looked “tanish” on the sides and it was harder to see the whole rainbow effect.) I then took a teaspoon of each color and dropped them one by one into the paper cups (beginning with purple on the bottom). The colors weren’t swirled, they were just glopped into “sorta” layers.  I popped them into the preheated oven and prepared my cupcake Rainbow toppings.

Typically, I’m a “completely- made- from -scratch’ kinda girl, but honestly my daughter likes cupcakes just as much if they are made from a package as when I make them from flour, sugar, eggs, etc. And since they are for her (because oddly enough and you’d never know from looking at my oh-so-curvy physique, I DO NOT LIKE cake or cupcakes). I love making them… they make me happy decorating them…. but eating them? not so much….. I’ll save room for ice cream, or chocolate chip cookies, or pie, or……. (you get the point).

Anyway… back to the Rainbows.  In the dollar spot at Target I found Airheads (they look like long strips of Rainbows). I cut each one of those Rainbows into three pieces. First I cut off about 1/2  inch (and I ate… err…. gave Ella each of those little pieces as a treat), then I cut the remaining long strip in half. This was the perfect length to make a rainbow (I found that without cutting that little bit off, the rainbows were a bit too long and started sagging in the middle and if I cut it into thirds they were just a tad too short…). After removing the cupcakes from the oven and letting them cool slightly, I carefully peeled the cupcake liners off. I let the cupcakes finish their cooling on a wire rack.  I used White Frosting that I had ( minus it’s sprinkles) and placed the whole carton in a ziploc baggie.  I then took my kitchen scissors and snipped off the tip of the baggie so that I could create fluffly clouds on the tops of the cupcakes. Then slightly curving the airheads, I formed rainbows atop the clouds. I finished it all off with  perfect little clouds on the sides made out of the most miniature mini marshmallows I’ve ever seen (see above picture).

aren’t they the happiest, sweetest, yummiest looking cupcakes you’ve ever seen. whether it rains today or not is irrelevant around our house…. we’re gonna enjoy a rainbow no matter what!

And with that… the rain just started to fall, so we’re off to go dance in the sprinkles……,


ps…. I most definitely can’t take the credit for the idea for these beauties….You guessed it… another fabulous Pinterest find!!! Thanks Monica Joy & Gourmet Mom for the inspiration.

I found the rainbow cake idea here:

and I found the adorable decorative inspiration here: 

Day 5 : My girl in pictures

Today I just wanted to share two simple ideas.

I am NOT a great photographer. But I made the MOST ADORABLE AMAZING PHOTO CARDS EVER! And they were simple. And can be used for so many different occasions. And they were inspired by Pinterest, of course!

This was the picture on the front of the Valentine’s Day cards (but it could be used for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or ANY DAY!!!):

Isn’t that over the top adorable? Yep- I thought so too (in a completely unbiased way of course!) I took a piece of poster board, drew imperfect block letters, and cut them out all while waiting in the after school pick up line. I know the Moms around me probably thought I was crazy as I was moving this giant posterboard around in all directions as I sat in the drivers seat of my little compact car cutting & cutting. I even accidentally honked the horn once. Oops! But little did they know that I was about to go home and take the cutest picture EVER. The awesome thing is that you can’t even see all the creases and crinkles that I created. When I had Ella go outside to hold up the sign, I had her hold it upside down above her head to get it to read correctly. My favorite thing about this photo besides all the fun colors of her pettiskirt, socks & shoes is that you can’t even tell that she’s pouting and saying “Mooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmm….. can’t I play now instead of taking pictures?’ Nope- she looks happy and sweet and adorable! LOVE IT!

I took advantage of all of the free card offers that you can find by searching the internet for Free Greeting Cards and ended up with free ADORABLE Valentine’s Cards from  Cardstore, Tiny prints, Walgreens & CVS. ❤ it!

This was the site of  my pinterest inspiration: photo credit: unknown, found on Pinterest without proper link

And then there’s last year’s Christmas picture. For this I bought a pack of Sparkly Scrapbook Paper from the Scrapbook section at Target. I got 4 sheets for $1.00. I took advantage of some of my time spent at Ella’s school volunteering and used the letter puncher that the teacher’s use (not sure what the official name of that machine is). Someday I will have a Cricut, but for now this worked. I then used a long piece of twine and a needle and threaded the letters onto a banner for Ella to hold. Using our front door as a backdrop, our Christmas photo came out adorable. I then used Vistaprint to turn this photo into a postcard. LOVED it!!!

With all of the wonderful Pinterest Photo Ideas I can hardly wait to see what our Christmas card will look like this year.

Here is the photo that inspired our Christmas card: (photo credit: unknown, found on Pinterest without proper link):

I also wanted to share a “non” Pinterest inspired photo. I took this almost 4 years ago (can’t believe it has been that long- the time has flown by……) I painted 4 wooden letters to spell out the word “Four”…. I think it turned out great and seems like it is something that nowadays would be considered “Pinteresty”.

Until tomorrow,

Happy Pinning, Kirsten


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