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Daily Archives: July 11, 2012

Day 8: Scrabble Drink Coasters

My husband and I LOVE playing Scrabble. We are addicted. I mean really, REALLY addicted. I guess this makes us Nerds.

And just to complete our total nerdness, I decided to make Scrabble Drink Coasters for our home.  ( I already use loose scrabble tiles as part of our coffee table decor, so I thought why not go for the gusto and add MORE Scrabble wonderfulness to our lives!!!)

And here they are in all their Scrabble perfection:

They were actually VERY easy to make (I’m seriously thinking that these may soon become gifts for many people in my life!!!).

Complete List of Supplies Needed to Make 6 Coasters:

A computer to print out letters

A black sharpie

1 piece of Scrapbook Paper (I used a “wood grain” design that I found at Michael’s)

Modge Podge

Clear Acrylic Sealer

6 tiles (I used  coasters that my friend gave me that she no longer wanted. They were perfect because they already had a cork backing)

A piece of chalk & a pencil

Felt or Cork (if you are using tiles found at Home Improvement Stores for approx $.30 each that don’t already have a backing) & glue gun

** optional glue stick or spray adhesive

I began by using my pencil to trace the coasters onto the back of the scrapbook paper. I then cut out each square.  On my computer I printed out the letters that I wanted to use on my Scrabble pieces. I used Arial Black font in 200 size. I chose the following letters for my 7 tiles: “R” for my husband’s name, “K” for my name, “E” for my daughter’s name, and then letters for the people that most frequently come to our home……… “F” for Friend or Family, “M” for Mine or MorMor, “G” for Grandma,  Grandpa or Guest (it also works perfectly for my friend Ginger!), and “U” for You.

You can choose whatever letters work best for you and your family & friends.

After printing out those letters onto regular paper, I cut them out so that I could use chalk to transfer the letters to my scrapbook paper (Thanks Pinterest &  Emily from Jones design for this awesome technique – for Emily’s Pinterest tutorial please go here:

I cut around the letters (into a square) and then liberally rubbed chalk on the back of the letter.  Then I positioned the letter (right side up)  in the center of the scrapbook paper . Using my pencil I traced around the outside of each letter. This left a perfect chalk imprint of the letter on the scrapbook paper.

I then traced over the chalk imprint with a Black Sharpie marker and filled in the letter. After finishing the letter, I just freehanded numbers ( the official point value that corresponds with each Scrabble letter) in the lower right hand corner.

This is where you have options. I have Modge Podged Scrapbook paper onto all kinds of surfaces in the past and used the Modge Podge as adhesive (use a light coat on the surface and then apply the paper). I have heard that you can glue the scrapbook paper on using a glue stick. I, used Spray Adhesive (because I bought it a while ago from Hobby Lobby and had not yet used it and thought I’d give it a try). It definitely was easy to use, and it seemed like I had applied the Scrapbook paper to the coasters with no apparent air bubbles becoming trapped. (Be VERY careful of this no matter what type of adhesive you use…. after putting the paper on the coaster, be sure to squeeze out any air!!!) I don’t know if I needed to wait longer between applying the spray adhesive and top layer of Modge Podge but all of a sudden as soon as I applied the Modge Podge TONS of bubbles appeared! aarghhhhhh…..

I did my best to get rid of them all, but I think next time I’ll just use Modge Podge as my adhesive on this project.

Anyway…….. so after applying the scrapbook paper to the coaster and allowing the adhesive to dry (Whatever kind you used), paint a thin layer of modge podge to the top of the scrapbook paper (being sure to go over the edges of the coaster as well). Do this 3 times (allowing it to fully dry between each layer). This will seal the surface.

 Take the tiles outside (for your lungs sake) and spray them with a coat of Spray Acrylic. This waterproofs the tiles. Let them dry for 5 minutes and then spray them one more time. The directions on the bottle say to let the sprayed surface dry for 24 hours before placing anything on top of it.  ( late entry:  Be sure to follow this BECAUSE  after about 6 hours I figured, what the hey- they must be dry and I stacked them on my coffee table! Uh Oh ….. they stuck together! OOPS!!!! – so then after separating I sprayed another layer and let them sit for a full 24 hours like the directions said to do in the first place!) I had to let my husband know, since immediately upon showing him the finished project, he grabbed his “R” and headed off to his office with it!!! Needless to say, the coasters were a HIT in our house!!!

I would love to know what ideas you come up with for your coasters. Please leave me a comment and share your creations!!! Here’s the beautiful “Pin”spiration coasters that I saw before deciding to do a “Scrabble” theme with mine! Thanks for the idea Jenilyn!

Happy Pinning. Happy Creating.

Until tomorrow, Kirsten

Day 7: Art Party Invite

I love organizing parties.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE organizing kids parties, especially when the child being celebrated is my daughter.

Her birthday is coming up soon and she has decided on an “Art Party” theme.

We have the most amazing art studio in town where they pre-sketch an image onto an individual canvas for each guest before the party begins. During the party, they teach each child  how to use different techniques to make their canvas a true masterpiece. At the end of the party, each child is sent home with their artwork. I am not sure who is more excited about the upcoming event…. my daughter or myself!!

In a couple of weeks (after the big day),  I will post all the birthday party pictures and Pinterest Inspired Ideas I use to make her 8th Birthday a success….. but first……

THE INVITATIONS!!!! I searched Pinterest for inspiration… found a basic idea and then created my own FUN version!!! Here it is:

I wanted an invitation that the parents could read and the kids could actually use to create! And I DID it!…… SUCCESS!!!

At Michael’s, I found “Magic Paint Posters” (see photo below) for $1.00 (that one pad was enough to make 12 invitations) and a package of 12 paintbrushes for $1.00 in the paint supply section. I already had large white envelopes and white cardstock at home. I drew a picture of a palette, scanned it into my computer and then used Word and the Paint program to fill in the party details. I printed the invite out onto the cardstock and then cut out the palette.  I then cut out the individual rectangle paints from the Magic Paint Poster. Unfortunately the rectangles were a little to large for the palette so I trimmed them down to squares. I then used a glue stick to attach the paint squares to the invite where I wanted them.

Do you see the little instructions located right above the paint colors? I cut out those instructions and also glued those onto the invitation so that the kids would know that these invites were to be used!!! FUN, huh? I used a hole puncher to punch holes so that I could insert a paintbrush. I also included a Poster so that the invited kids could have something to actually paint when they receive the invitation! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how these invites turned out.

This is how they will look going into the envelopes ( I will be splattering the envelopes with paint after addressing but before mailing them out):

This is the “Pin”spiration that I found that helped give me the general idea & wording for the Art Party Invitation (Thanks

Now I’m off to pin ideas to use as “Pin”spiration for  her birthday party! See ya tomorrow!!!

:-), Kirsten

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