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Day 5 : My girl in pictures

Today I just wanted to share two simple ideas.

I am NOT a great photographer. But I made the MOST ADORABLE AMAZING PHOTO CARDS EVER! And they were simple. And can be used for so many different occasions. And they were inspired by Pinterest, of course!

This was the picture on the front of the Valentine’s Day cards (but it could be used for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or ANY DAY!!!):

Isn’t that over the top adorable? Yep- I thought so too (in a completely unbiased way of course!) I took a piece of poster board, drew imperfect block letters, and cut them out all while waiting in the after school pick up line. I know the Moms around me probably thought I was crazy as I was moving this giant posterboard around in all directions as I sat in the drivers seat of my little compact car cutting & cutting. I even accidentally honked the horn once. Oops! But little did they know that I was about to go home and take the cutest picture EVER. The awesome thing is that you can’t even see all the creases and crinkles that I created. When I had Ella go outside to hold up the sign, I had her hold it upside down above her head to get it to read correctly. My favorite thing about this photo besides all the fun colors of her pettiskirt, socks & shoes is that you can’t even tell that she’s pouting and saying “Mooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmm….. can’t I play now instead of taking pictures?’ Nope- she looks happy and sweet and adorable! LOVE IT!

I took advantage of all of the free card offers that you can find by searching the internet for Free Greeting Cards and ended up with free ADORABLE Valentine’s Cards from  Cardstore, Tiny prints, Walgreens & CVS. ❤ it!

This was the site of  my pinterest inspiration: photo credit: unknown, found on Pinterest without proper link

And then there’s last year’s Christmas picture. For this I bought a pack of Sparkly Scrapbook Paper from the Scrapbook section at Target. I got 4 sheets for $1.00. I took advantage of some of my time spent at Ella’s school volunteering and used the letter puncher that the teacher’s use (not sure what the official name of that machine is). Someday I will have a Cricut, but for now this worked. I then used a long piece of twine and a needle and threaded the letters onto a banner for Ella to hold. Using our front door as a backdrop, our Christmas photo came out adorable. I then used Vistaprint to turn this photo into a postcard. LOVED it!!!

With all of the wonderful Pinterest Photo Ideas I can hardly wait to see what our Christmas card will look like this year.

Here is the photo that inspired our Christmas card: (photo credit: unknown, found on Pinterest without proper link):

I also wanted to share a “non” Pinterest inspired photo. I took this almost 4 years ago (can’t believe it has been that long- the time has flown by……) I painted 4 wooden letters to spell out the word “Four”…. I think it turned out great and seems like it is something that nowadays would be considered “Pinteresty”.

Until tomorrow,

Happy Pinning, Kirsten


Day 4: Ampersand Love

My little brother is getting married in a month and today was his fiance’s bridal shower. And here I am in Oklahoma while they are there in California 😦

Sometimes (most of the time) the distance between the two places is just WAY.TOO.FAR!

For her shower I wanted to give her a little personalized creation, and I think I found the PERFECT gift. It was fun to make…. turned out adorable…. and I can’t wait to hear whether she liked it as much as I liked it. (In fact our bedroom wall is going to have one almost exactly like it adorning it soon).

Unfortunately, I only took a picture of the front ( which turned out fabulously) and not the back (which turned out….. ummmmm….. a bit improvised).

Here’s mine:

and here was the inspiration that I found on Pinterest:

On Melissa’s website, she gives a great tutorial on how she made hers. I followed it almost exactly except that I used Tan Burlap and larger chipboard letters. I found my white ampersand at Hobby Lobby.  Melissa must be way more fabulous than I, because no matter how hard I tried to get the frame back together, it WOULD NOT fit back together completely without the use of Duck Tape. Yep, Duck Tape (and not even the fancy kind- I used the plain jane silver roll) this is why I said the back was just a bit crazy. I was keeping it classy, I tell ya!!!  However, I found the perfect solution to cover up the Duck Tape….. Ella’s art paper (ya know the roll kind) that goes on her art easel. I cut off a piece that covered the tape and all of the back of the frame. Once I was sure that it was the right size, I wrote a sweet lovey dovey message about Allyson & Brad becoming an “and”, how they’ll always have each other, and lots of “X’s” and “O’s”… and then I glued it onto the back of the frame to cover up all that silver mess! . In all reality , by the time I was done it looked like the back of the frame was covered in that paper that art supply stores use. Impressive, huh? Hopefully Allyson was none the wiser and LOVES her Ampersand Sign as much as I do!!!

:-), Kirsten

Day 3: Chalkboard Canvas with Interchangeable Banners

I HAD to create something fun today, because quite frankly today was kinda a blah day around this ‘ol house. And what I created made me smile. REALLY REALLY smile. It was easy and happy and just lifted my mood. I have decided that chalkboards are one of my biggest weaknesses.

Today I made this to bring some “Summer” decor into our home:

But I didn’t stop there!!!

I saw and pinned this creation on pinterest: a while ago & knew that it would definitely be one of the first crafts I made because, as I said before, I have become smitten with all things “chalkboard”

So, out came my 12×12 canvas, a can of chalkboard spray paint and some fun scrapbook paper scraps.

After taking it out to the garage (yes, I opened the garage door first!)  and giving it three coats of paint (and oh so patiently waiting for it to dry before applying the next coat, not a hint of sarcasm here… )

I had a chalkboard coated canvas. And then I decided to “cuten” it up a little ( is that a word?). I figured out how I wanted my banner to hang and then I nailed in two teeny, tiny nails to the back of the canvas so that I could easily change out the banners to match the season, my mood, or an occasion.

Here’s the banner I made for July 4th (and yes, I’m still going to display it, BECAUSE I figure I can still get away with American Flags being displayed around the house for a few more days….. right?)

Cute. Cute. Cute. I cut each little banner piece by hand, but after making three banners, I have decided that a trip to Hob Lob is in order for my future banners (there’s gotta be a “banner” punch, right?).  I tied a little loop on the end of each piece of twine before attaching the scrapbook banner pieces to ensure that I liked the length. I used a glue stick to attach each piece of scrapbook paper to a piece of twine and then simply hooked the little loops onto the nails that I had hammered into the back of the canvas

In addition to the Summer one (that I will display as soon as it’s no longer OK to have my Independence Day Decor out..he he), I also made one for the upcoming new school year (as class Mom I think I’ll be bringing this to Ella’s new teacher as a Welcome Back to School gift when we find out who she’ll have on Meet the Teacher night- what a simple and cute gift to bring).

When I make banners for myself and our home for the different holidays, I’ll make an extra one to give to her teacher so she can also update her boards with the seasons.  I would love to see what you make…. be sure and leave me a message and a link to your creations!!

Thanks Kelle for such an awesome pinterest project! I had fun making it my own and creating the little banners. I think I’ll hold you responsible for bringing me Chalkboard Joy & a smile today!

:-) , Kirsten

Day 2: Scrapbook Flower Canvas Art

My daughter’s room has been a project in the making… and thanks to Pinterest, we’ve been having lots of fun creating art for her room together. I’m still trying to figure out her “exact” theme……. her idea is that a perfect room for her would be blue & glittery – filled with horses and flowers and butterflies and Harry Potter (my 7 year old is growing up and is experiencing her first “crush” on an actor…. blech, why can’t our little ones just stay little?)……… hmmmmmmmm……

Thanks to my brother-in-law, I learned that making a room glittery is as easy as painting and throwing handfuls of glitter on the wall. A glittery blue room is now checked off the list. And Ella is in sparkly heaven.

Now, for today…… to begin incorporating the rest of the ideas (somehow??) ….

Ella & I needed a project that would be simple to do together (Yep!, I LOVE Mommy/Daughter craft days) and of course, Pinterest delivered the perfect idea.

And here it is….. our  Masterpiece: Scrapbook Flower Canvas Art hanging on Ella’s glittery blue wall.

Here’s the beautiful inspirational canvas I found on Pinterest. Thank you Crystal for your Pinterest inspiration!!

Both are perfectly lovely, huh? So, Ella and I followed Crystal’s instructions (well…. mostly!)We used a 20×20 canvas which we didn’t paint  (because Ella decided that she also wants lots of white in her room….. and the “decor” list  of  “wants” just keeps growing – argh….) and we used 4 different types of scrapbook paper. I also used a glue stick to lightly stick the papers to the canvas before applying modge podge. It worked wonderfully and I am in LOVE with how our creation turned out. Ella, my 7 year old sweetheart (most of the time- HA!),  cut out all the leaves by herself. And she also placed most of the leaves where she thought they looked best. We just hung it on her wall, and she’s already had 2 friends come over so that she can  show it off! Yep!, it’s THAT cute (at least in our opinion)….. I would love to hear your feedback!

Happy Pinning!,


Day 1 is here: In all its Red, White & Blue Glory!!!

The 4th of July. I LOVE it! Seeing all the American Flags displayed in the front yards of my neighbors. Going to a parade and clapping to the various marching bands versions of “Grand Old Flag” and standing in honor of the veterans as they march by in their uniforms. July 4th makes me feel united with all around me… on this day we all love the same things: The United States of America, Fireworks, Americana decor and Food.

There’s something about those fireworks each year that invigorate me, excite me. I always feel energized after leaving the Independence Day light shows!  This year, I have decided to take that momentum and forge ahead with an idea that I have been mulling over for a while.

I  ADORE Pinterest. Ahhhhh… that addiction  makes me feel creative even when I’m just sitting in my jammies staring at a computer screen. As the Fourth of July began approaching this year, I decided that instead of just “wanting” to be creative that I would “be ” creative. Sooooooo…. on this day, I have begun my one year journey of picking a pin (or two or three) EVERY day and actually CREATING it. I plan to share with you pictures of MY creations inspired by the creations I have pinned. I will share my successes &  my failures… and I would love your input.  I KNOW that there will be pins that are a MAJOR failure for me  (yep! that terrible dry BBQ crockpot chicken that I tried to serve my family last night comes to mind). There may also be pins that I say were sooooo unbelievably easy (the snowmen handprint UBER ADORABLE ornaments come to mind)  that just don’t seem to work for you. I would love to see if what I create inspires you to get out that gluegun and create. I would love your input if I say that something I try is a failure for me, but that you know with just a small tweek here and there became a success for you! Join me on my journey…. I’m just a girl that wants to pin AND create. Let’s do this together……

DAY 1: July 4, 2012

I pinned and pinned and pinned July 4th ideas and once I chose what to create, I added it to my “A Girl & A Pin: Created &….”  board:

Thses are my Red, White & Blue Creations

These three projects were inspired by these pins:

Celebration Sticks:

Red, White & Blue Punch:

Cardboard Stars:

I also made this fruit salad, which was adorable but it somehow evaded my camera:

All of these projects were EASY PEASY!!! The celebration sticks, I have decided, I MUST make for every occasion! Kids love them, adults love them, and they look so pretty (and much more difficult than they are!). I think it would be yummy to dip them in melted caramel and then chocolate, and sprinkle with chopped nuts! (I may do this in the fall- they seem like they’d look “fallish”, right?…. I ‘ll be sure to keep you posted!!!) The Red, White & Blue Punch illicited a TON of ooooooohhhhhhh’s & ahhhhhhhhhhh’s….. I used Hawaiian Punch, Gatorade G2 Blueberry and Diet Sprite (actually Sprite Zero, but isnt that the same thing?!?!). I filled my serving jar with ice first, then the Hawaiian punch and then carefully, slowly poured the gatorade directly onto an ice cube rather than directly into the punch. I did the same thing with the Sprite! And Voila!  Adorable Red, White & Blue Drink Perfection!!!! I also made some for the kiddos in individual glasses and tried to put Pop Rocks on the Rim like this pin: BUT….. FAIL! it did not work for me. This blogger stated that if the pop rocks dont stick (which is exactly what happened for me) then you can try dipping the rims in caramel first before dipping in the pop rocks. I did not try this for two reasons: #1 I did not have caramel and #2 that just sounded gross to me (caramel, pop rocks, & hawaiian punch just dont seem to “go” together…). The cardboard stars were also ridiculously easy. After cutting them, folding them, and painting them, I dipped all the the edges in a “distressed ink pad” that I have. I LOVE that additional detail. I though, did not make 2 and glue them together. I knew I was going to be propping them up against the wall on top of a distressed white mirror that I have, so I figures, “why bother” with the back. No one can tell , so I’ll leave  them sitting up there in all their adorable one sided glory!!!

I  hope that you and your family have a safe and wonderful evening celebrating this day filled with all things Red, White & Blue!!! I would love to know what YOU created!

Happy Fourth!,


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