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Daily Archives: August 1, 2012

Day 14: {Post #2} Simple Soda Bottle Centerpiece

My dining room centerpiece is ANOTHER “Pin”spiration (of course……)

Here’s mine…..

Here’s my “Pin”spiration: (from¬†)

I love Shanty 2 Chic’s trough and her blog gives EXCELLENT step-by-step instructions. I WILL be making one for my mantle…. BUT in the meantime, I decided to go a slightly different route.

I was at Sams Club shopping about 2 months ago and bought the little “picket fence” looking box. It was filled with flowers (that I, and my black thumb, quickly killed ūüė¶ … ahhhh well… they were pretty while they lasted). And I saved the box because I KNEW that I could find something to do with it.

After a trip to POPS (a fun Soda Pop store/restaurant/gas station¬†here in Oklahoma on Route 66 – if you’re ever here visiting I recommend it as a fun place for you and the kiddos), my Family returned home with a variety of bottled¬†cream sodas (YUM!) and I came home eager to fill my planter box.

After¬†finishing the Cream Sodas (with me chanting …. Chug, Chug, Chug…. HA!), I cleaned¬†out the bottles &¬†simply placed them in my planter box. Then I ¬†inserted a fake flower ( from Hobby Lobby) into each one. Voila…… Just like that… I had a simple, adorable, fun kitchen table centerpiece. Thanks for the “Pin”spiration, Shanty 2 Chic!

Have a beautiful day & Happy Pinning!,


Day 14: Burlap “Inspirational” Placemats

I have a large square dining room table that I ADORE. I love that when we have friends or family over we can all fit comfortably around our cozy table and eat… or play games… or just talk & laugh!¬† That table has to be my favorite purchase ever!……… BUT finding decorations for it has been difficult. Rectangular placemates don’t fit right and I’ve never seen a square placemat that I really like.

And then….. once again….. enter pinterest & it’s WONDERFUL “Pin”spirations!

Now…. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my table…. since finishing it over the weekend, I just admire it. It looks peaceful and warm. and happy. It’s not perfect…. but it’s WONDERFULLY imperfect!!!

I saw this “Pin”spiration on¬†(Thanks Rene!) and thought I’d try to make them for myself.

I cut 14″ x 14″ squares out of burlap. This left the edges very rough and raggedy.

Then I pulled out my sewing machine and made a simple straight stitch about a 1/3 inch in all the way around the burlap square.

After stitching all the way around the burlap, I pulled the strings to cause it to fray. I did this gently and just pulled until I reached my stitch line. This left all these little frayed strings:

I then took scissors to trim the strings to make the edge look uniform. Next I pulled out my stamps (found at Hobby Lobby), an ink pad (left over from a Pottery Barn project from Ella’s baby days), and a Black Sharpie.

I lined up the stamps in the lower right corner of the placemat, and then one by one dipped them in ink and pressed them on the burlap. This left a faint image of the word “PRAY” on the placemat. I then traced over that stamped word with a sharpie. I like how it turned out……

BUT didn’t love it!! (notice the black ink left over from the other parts of the stamp!… ick!) sooooooo……. Hobby Lobby Stencils to the rescue!

LOVED IT!!!!! After stenciling the rest of the placemats and then giving them a quick iron (I sprayed a lightweight starch and ironed them on the back side)….. my table was BEAUTIFUL!!!

Can’t wait to make more to change up for the holidays:

Thanksgiving: Gather, Harvest, Feast, Give, Thankful, Etc.

Christmas: Noel, Peace, Merry, Believe, Etc.

I think it would be cute to even do the “Fruits of the Spirit”¬† (Thanks for the idea Linda! ): Love, Joy, Peace, patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control.

Happy Pinning :-),


Day 13: A Fresh Start (with something Tart!)

I disappeared. I know it…. and I’m sorry!!!!

Life just got the best of me. We have a lot of stReSs occurring in our home…… and I took a break from blogging BUT NOT pinning and definitely, NOT creating (is it just me or is crafting & creating an escape for others besides just me????). My break seemed to be Just from blogging….. maybe because it hadn’t yet become a “regular” thing in my life yet, maybe because computers & I don’t always get along and it just seemed like¬† “another” potential¬† form of frustration…..

ANYWAY You look at it…. I’m back and I PROMISE …I’m newly committed!!!!!

And YES, I’m starting back up at Day 13 because it’s MY blog¬† ūüôā¬† and it’s what I wanna do for 2 reasons:

1. wouldn’t it be MORE confusing if I skipped from Day #12 to ¬†Day #20 27 (WOW! Has it really been thaaaattttttt long….. I’m sorry!!!)


2. I’d just be CONTINUOUSLY rubbing it in my own face that I flaked, BIG TIME, over the last week….errrrrrrr 2 weeks………

SO, enough said about that……

Today I was ready for A FRESH START & SOMETHING TART!:

(and this, my friends, is what I made… and what I drank…… and then made again…. and then drank again (yep 2 glasses of this ice cold -refreshing- tart -calorie laden- yumminess…..)

(don’t mind the blue paint drops that I got all over our picnic table.. oops… from another “Pin”spiration I’m currently working on…)

I saw this drink on Pinterest (thanks Jillee! when I was exploring “Fogo de Chao”. I had NEVER been there and our family took a much needed mini vacay to Dallas for the weekend. When my husband sent me an email stating that he had made us a reservation, I was so excited. And so, of course, me being me…. pulled out the ” ‘ol reliable Iphone” to see what I just HAD to have when I went there. Brazilian Lemonade was at the top of the list, and it was DE.LIC.IOUS.¬†¬†While my husband drove home from Dallas¬†and I kept him company with my stimulating conversation all while¬†playing fun Road Trip games with¬†our daughter and I turned the radio up so that I could¬† “Pin” away,¬† I stumbled across Jillee’s recipe for “Brazilian Strawberry Lemonade”.

Today it was 109 degrees outside (Ridiculous, I know…… ) and it was the perfect day to try the recipe out. BUT, I was feeling hot & lazy and didn’t want to go through all the steps that Jillee took! So…. here is my simple version of

1 cup Simply Limeade

1 TBSP Sweetened Condensed Milk

Diced Frozen Strawberries

Crushed Ice ( I filled my glass up about 1/3 with crushed ice and then 1/3 frozen strawberries)

I mixed these all together and enjoyed. Then I mixed another glass together and enjoyed again! Yum! Refreshing! Tart! Simple!

Until tomorrow…. Happy Pinning!,


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