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Day 13: A Fresh Start (with something Tart!)

I disappeared. I know it…. and I’m sorry!!!!

Life just got the best of me. We have a lot of stReSs occurring in our home…… and I took a break from blogging BUT NOT pinning and definitely, NOT creating (is it just me or is crafting & creating an escape for others besides just me????). My break seemed to be Just from blogging….. maybe because it hadn’t yet become a “regular” thing in my life yet, maybe because computers & I don’t always get along and it just seemed like  “another” potential  form of frustration…..

ANYWAY You look at it…. I’m back and I PROMISE …I’m newly committed!!!!!

And YES, I’m starting back up at Day 13 because it’s MY blog  🙂  and it’s what I wanna do for 2 reasons:

1. wouldn’t it be MORE confusing if I skipped from Day #12 to  Day #20 27 (WOW! Has it really been thaaaattttttt long….. I’m sorry!!!)


2. I’d just be CONTINUOUSLY rubbing it in my own face that I flaked, BIG TIME, over the last week….errrrrrrr 2 weeks………

SO, enough said about that……

Today I was ready for A FRESH START & SOMETHING TART!:

(and this, my friends, is what I made… and what I drank…… and then made again…. and then drank again (yep 2 glasses of this ice cold -refreshing- tart -calorie laden- yumminess…..)

(don’t mind the blue paint drops that I got all over our picnic table.. oops… from another “Pin”spiration I’m currently working on…)

I saw this drink on Pinterest (thanks Jillee! when I was exploring “Fogo de Chao”. I had NEVER been there and our family took a much needed mini vacay to Dallas for the weekend. When my husband sent me an email stating that he had made us a reservation, I was so excited. And so, of course, me being me…. pulled out the ” ‘ol reliable Iphone” to see what I just HAD to have when I went there. Brazilian Lemonade was at the top of the list, and it was DE.LIC.IOUS.  While my husband drove home from Dallas and I kept him company with my stimulating conversation all while playing fun Road Trip games with our daughter and I turned the radio up so that I could  “Pin” away,  I stumbled across Jillee’s recipe for “Brazilian Strawberry Lemonade”.

Today it was 109 degrees outside (Ridiculous, I know…… ) and it was the perfect day to try the recipe out. BUT, I was feeling hot & lazy and didn’t want to go through all the steps that Jillee took! So…. here is my simple version of

1 cup Simply Limeade

1 TBSP Sweetened Condensed Milk

Diced Frozen Strawberries

Crushed Ice ( I filled my glass up about 1/3 with crushed ice and then 1/3 frozen strawberries)

I mixed these all together and enjoyed. Then I mixed another glass together and enjoyed again! Yum! Refreshing! Tart! Simple!

Until tomorrow…. Happy Pinning!,


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I'm Kirsten. And boy, do I enjoy what I pin & create- The successes bring me joy. The complete & utter failures make me laugh. (well, usually... Unless I have a hungry family sitting at the table and my epic fail is what was supposed to be our dinner. Then It doesn't really bring me much joy & laughter....)

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