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Day 16: A Guestroom Basket (or two) that ENSURES you’ll Always have company

I love having Company.

And I love our Guest Room.

It feels comfortable & cozy & clean & welcoming.

I frequently hear that staying at our home has more ammenities than a hotel.

That makes me feel happy (because that means that I know our guests are happy).

So what’s the secret?…..

Even before Pinterest, I have always taken pride in trying to ensure that our guests have all the little things they need & that they have a relaxing, wonderful time at our home.  Seeing a variety of  “Pin”spirations has also given me new ideas of things to add to my Guest Baskets. I would LOVE your feedback on what you provide for your guests and I would LOVE to see pictures of your ideas.

Here’s my guestroom basket:

The basket contains all kinds of fun goodies:

2 washcloths

2 hand towels

an extension cord (you just never know what people may need but not ask for….)

a razor & shaving cream

toothbrush & toothpaste & dental floss & mouth wash

shampoo & conditioner (and a shower cap)

body soap & hand soap

body lotion & body spray

Visine, Tylenol & Ibuprofen

mini first aid kit


Eye Makeup Remover

facial Scrub

ponytail Holders & Bobby Pins



an assortment of “female necessities”

ear plugs

sewing kit

a little note that says “We’re So Glad You’re Here”

an assortment of new magazines (incl. Field & Stream and Sports Illustrated for the guys…)

**** The BEST part about this basket is that ALMOST all of it was free or cheap, cheap, cheap using coupons or free internet deals.

My current free magazine subscriptions are Field & Stream, Sports Illustrated, Martha Stewart Living, Family Fun & Better Homes & Garden.

Almost all of my toiletries are from hotel stays (I ALWAYS ask my husband to bring me back NEW toiletries from any of his business trips-  I consider it a gift! He used to roll his eyes at me about this, BUT now that he realizes how easy it is to make me happy with something he gets for FREE, he gladly does it for me! I ❤ him!)

In the guest room, I also have hanging in the closet plenty of hangers,  a robe and two body towels (I use an old ladder propped up against the wall to hang the towels on.

On the bedside table, I have a lamp, an alarm clock and two GOOD books: The Notebook  & Pride and Prejudice.

In the other corner of the room, I have a shelving unit where I keep more little treats:

Bottom shelf:

extra blanket

stamped notecards and a pen

The middle shelf has a variety of fun treats:

A basket filled with all kinds of local information. Maps of Oklahoma, Edmond (our town) information, things to do…. all the stuff that you’d find at a State Visitors Center (which is exactly where I got it all from).

A candle and matches (just because……)

Also a small basket with waters, granola bars, apples, and even snack sized M&M’s (to satisfy that late night chocolate urge).

The third (from the floor) shelf is filled with flowers and books.

The books are varied and include The Bible, A Daily Devotional, Tuesdays with Morrie, The Last Lecture, a Book of Poetry, and a Couple of Books filled with Inspirational Short Stories.

The top shelf of the corner unit is purely decorative. I like to put a small vase with fresh flowers on it right before guests come (but in all honesty, me “liking” to do something and it actually happening are not always one in the same 🙂 just keepin’ it real!!!)

After our company leaves, I strip the bed linens from the bed, then go through the basket and shelves and replace anything that may have been used. And then I call them up, thank them for coming and tell them that the room is already ready for their next trip. I sit in the guest room…. mope around a bit thinking that the visit went by way too quickly…. and then reminisce about the memories that we just created.

I am blessed daily by the amazing people that I get to share my life with……

***These are a couple of the ideas that I saw on Pinterest as well: and

Happy Friday!

Happy Weekend!

Happy Pinning!,


About pin.create.enjoy

I'm Kirsten. And boy, do I enjoy what I pin & create- The successes bring me joy. The complete & utter failures make me laugh. (well, usually... Unless I have a hungry family sitting at the table and my epic fail is what was supposed to be our dinner. Then It doesn't really bring me much joy & laughter....)

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  1. Where did you get your little night stand lamp, it’s adorable!

    • Thanks!!! I found that lamp at Home Goods ( about 4 years ago)…. Since moving to OK, I have been in serious “Home Goods” withdrawal 😦 , if you have one near you and have never checked it out- do so NOW!!! 🙂


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