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Day 18: Perfectly Cute & Simple Felt Hairbows

The hairbow thief struck our house again.

It was time for  to leave church and we were running around like crazy peacefully ready to get in our car, when I realized that Ella’s hair looked just like it did when she woke up this morning…. A COMPLETE DISASTER!!! Off we dashed to the bathroom (while  my wonderful hubby sat in the car frustrated that once again we were going to be late calmly waiting). I reached for a bow from the bow holder to quickly remedy our situation and lo & behold…… GONE!!! The only ones remaining were the ones that we got in ‘packages” that are in horrendous shade of colors that NO ONE would wear (including the bow thief, apparently…..).

Quickly I grabbed a headband (one that SORT OF matched), and vowed that we WOULD be making bows as soon as we returned home.

On our way home from church, I pulled up my Pinterest account, scanned my “pins” and found the perfect, simple adorable bows to make.

Using felt that I already had at home (and a scrap piece of burlap), I had 7 of the cutest little bows I’ve ever seen, in less than 30 minutes!! LOVE IT!!!

Aren’t they just about the sweetest little bows you’ve ever seen? I can take NO credit for the originality of thses cuties (other than venturing a little out of the box by trying it with burlap as well)… I followed Camille’s directions and used her template found here: (if you haven’t checked out her blog yet… you should! It’s awesome! I WANT to be here friend (and all the other sisters’ as well!!!!))

I can’t wait to head to Hobby Lobby and pick up more FUN felt!

Here’s how I made mine:

1. Gather your supplies.

The template from here


Glue Gun & glue sticks

Alligator Clips ( I purchased ours at Sally Beauty Supplies after the Bow Thief struck last time)

2. Cut out the templates and then pin them to the felt.

3. Cut out the bow “parts” from the felt and keep a little scrap rectangular piece (for use when attaching it to a hair clip or headband).

4. Remove the Pin and the template. Apply a large glue dot in the center and fold the two sides into the middle (so that both sides meet up in the middle, but don’t overlap. Apply a small dot of glue where the the two sides met in the middle. I then applied a thick line of hot glue horizontally across the center of the newly created bow. Attach the piece of felt that has the “triangle” cut out of each end (the “tails”) Last, attach one side of the small piece of felt that you cut, wrap it around the center and then apply another glue dot to attach the “wrap around part” of the felt. ADORABLE, huh? and can you believe it was this easy?

5. I push in the clip to open it and then squirt one line of hot glue along each bottom prong and then quickly slip in that scrap rectangular felt before releasing the alligator clip allowing it to close. I then glue that clip to the hair bow.

6. At this point, if you are like me, you will be jumping up and down and squealing in delight of how cute & simple these are. I hope you’ll be loudly singing the accolades of Camille (or of me introducing you to Camille and her awesome blog

*** I LOVED this “Pin”spiration!!! I hope that you LOVE it just as much!!

Now, run & grab your supplies and CREATE!!!! You (and your daughter, niece, granddaughter, friend, EVERYONE) will be happy you did!!!

Happy Pinning,

Kirsten 🙂

About pin.create.enjoy

I'm Kirsten. And boy, do I enjoy what I pin & create- The successes bring me joy. The complete & utter failures make me laugh. (well, usually... Unless I have a hungry family sitting at the table and my epic fail is what was supposed to be our dinner. Then It doesn't really bring me much joy & laughter....)

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