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Welcome…… I am so very glad you’re here!

Hello! My name is Kirsten.

(Kiki to my nieces & nephew)

I love my family.
I love my friends.
I love holidays – from the small ones (St. Patty’s Day & the like) to the big ones (Christmas).
I love making those holidays special in little creative ways.
I love making people smile.
I love using …… ( when I write.
I love searching Pinterest for fun ideas.
I love creating what I pin.
I love Jesus.
I love taking a moment to notice ALL the little blessings that surround me.
I love that at this very moment our lives are intersecting.
I love that you are reading my goofy, silly, crafty blog.
I do not love having my individual photo taken as is apparent by the fact that I have NOT ONE individual photo of myself to share on this blog.
And this is because I am almost always surrounded by either my husband, my daughter, my friends, &/or my family.
And that is amazing.  I can’t imagine what I would do without  their complete support, love, laughter  and understanding.
After all, I’m just a girl that likes to pin and loves to create.
A girl that is very grateful that you have decided to join me on this year long journey as I share my “pinning”  successes & failures.
I hope you will enjoy this journey along with me.

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