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Day 18: Perfectly Cute & Simple Felt Hairbows

The hairbow thief struck our house again.

It was time for  to leave church and we were running around like crazy peacefully ready to get in our car, when I realized that Ella’s hair looked just like it did when she woke up this morning…. A COMPLETE DISASTER!!! Off we dashed to the bathroom (while  my wonderful hubby sat in the car frustrated that once again we were going to be late calmly waiting). I reached for a bow from the bow holder to quickly remedy our situation and lo & behold…… GONE!!! The only ones remaining were the ones that we got in ‘packages” that are in horrendous shade of colors that NO ONE would wear (including the bow thief, apparently…..).

Quickly I grabbed a headband (one that SORT OF matched), and vowed that we WOULD be making bows as soon as we returned home.

On our way home from church, I pulled up my Pinterest account, scanned my “pins” and found the perfect, simple adorable bows to make.

Using felt that I already had at home (and a scrap piece of burlap), I had 7 of the cutest little bows I’ve ever seen, in less than 30 minutes!! LOVE IT!!!

Aren’t they just about the sweetest little bows you’ve ever seen? I can take NO credit for the originality of thses cuties (other than venturing a little out of the box by trying it with burlap as well)… I followed Camille’s directions and used her template found here: (if you haven’t checked out her blog yet… you should! It’s awesome! I WANT to be here friend (and all the other sisters’ as well!!!!))

I can’t wait to head to Hobby Lobby and pick up more FUN felt!

Here’s how I made mine:

1. Gather your supplies.

The template from here


Glue Gun & glue sticks

Alligator Clips ( I purchased ours at Sally Beauty Supplies after the Bow Thief struck last time)

2. Cut out the templates and then pin them to the felt.

3. Cut out the bow “parts” from the felt and keep a little scrap rectangular piece (for use when attaching it to a hair clip or headband).

4. Remove the Pin and the template. Apply a large glue dot in the center and fold the two sides into the middle (so that both sides meet up in the middle, but don’t overlap. Apply a small dot of glue where the the two sides met in the middle. I then applied a thick line of hot glue horizontally across the center of the newly created bow. Attach the piece of felt that has the “triangle” cut out of each end (the “tails”) Last, attach one side of the small piece of felt that you cut, wrap it around the center and then apply another glue dot to attach the “wrap around part” of the felt. ADORABLE, huh? and can you believe it was this easy?

5. I push in the clip to open it and then squirt one line of hot glue along each bottom prong and then quickly slip in that scrap rectangular felt before releasing the alligator clip allowing it to close. I then glue that clip to the hair bow.

6. At this point, if you are like me, you will be jumping up and down and squealing in delight of how cute & simple these are. I hope you’ll be loudly singing the accolades of Camille (or of me introducing you to Camille and her awesome blog

*** I LOVED this “Pin”spiration!!! I hope that you LOVE it just as much!!

Now, run & grab your supplies and CREATE!!!! You (and your daughter, niece, granddaughter, friend, EVERYONE) will be happy you did!!!

Happy Pinning,

Kirsten 🙂

Day 17: Fun Times with “Fluffy” Soap & a 7 Year Old

Today was a Fun Day in our home.

No plans. No where to be. Just us.

AND so we decided to play games.

To do experiments.

To laugh and be silly.

I pulled out my Computer, Pulled Up my Pinterest account, and asked my daughter what she wanted to do. As soon as she saw the “fluff”, her mind was made up. This is our “Pin”spiration:

Our favorite experiment of the day involved a bar of Ivory Soap, parchment paper, and a Microwave.

Here’s the mountain of fluff that we created:

FUN, huh!!!! From here… she headed straight to the bathroom, hopped in the tub (sans any water) and played and played. I brought in bowls and a pot, wooden spoons, measuring cups,  a spatula, and her dolls.  She crumbled it (it is not wet or sticky at all… but rather it feels like day old cotton candy – ya know once it gets to that crumble state rather then the original just made- pull apart-stringy cotton candy?!)

After she was finished playing (and  she had brought me back a sink full of dishes to do)… she handed me another bar of Ivory Soap and said “Let’s do it again!”

And since it was one of those “anything goes- let’s just have fun” kinda days…. I happily obliged.

Here’s what we did…. again!:

-Unwrap a bar of IVORY soap (from what I read on the original pinner’s site, other types of soap will burn! Ick!! I much prefer the scent of fresh ivory soap, then a charred, burnt aroma )

– I placed the bar of soap on a piece of parchment paper

-We set the microwave on high for 2 minutes (but we only cooked it for 1 minute 35 seconds)

– And we watched through the microwave door…. and the kiddo squealed with delight (shhhh… between you & me, I was silently squealing inside too! It was cool…. kinda like watching a marshmallow cook in the microwave EXCEPT better. WAY BETTER!)

This is what we saw when we opened the door : Ivory Bar #1

 And this is Ivory Soap Bar #2:

With the second Ivory Fluff we decided to add food coloring and make bars of soap. Sara (from Our Best Bites- the original pinner of this idea) said to add water  (just enough to get the soap to stick together) and mix. We did this:

Then she said to add food coloring (however much needed to obtain the color you desire) and mix. We added ours by hand because we wanted ours all different colors:

Then we put the different colors of the soap together to create a marbled effect (exactly like you would do with playdoh- not mixing too much, but just enough to get a swirly/marbled effect). We took cookie cutters and cut out Ella’s name and a heart.

We are leaving them out to dry tonight….. but I have a VERY excited girl eagerly awaiting her bath time tomorrow morning when she’ll get to use her “Swirly Fluffy Ivory Ella Soap”.

Fun times! Thank you so much Sara for your idea!!!

We had a blast!

Have I mentioned before how VERY much I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pinterest and all its fun ideas!!!!

I hope that YOUR day was filled with as many smiles as ours was!

Until tomorrow… Happy Pinning!

:-), Kirsten

Day 16: A Guestroom Basket (or two) that ENSURES you’ll Always have company

I love having Company.

And I love our Guest Room.

It feels comfortable & cozy & clean & welcoming.

I frequently hear that staying at our home has more ammenities than a hotel.

That makes me feel happy (because that means that I know our guests are happy).

So what’s the secret?…..

Even before Pinterest, I have always taken pride in trying to ensure that our guests have all the little things they need & that they have a relaxing, wonderful time at our home.  Seeing a variety of  “Pin”spirations has also given me new ideas of things to add to my Guest Baskets. I would LOVE your feedback on what you provide for your guests and I would LOVE to see pictures of your ideas.

Here’s my guestroom basket:

The basket contains all kinds of fun goodies:

2 washcloths

2 hand towels

an extension cord (you just never know what people may need but not ask for….)

a razor & shaving cream

toothbrush & toothpaste & dental floss & mouth wash

shampoo & conditioner (and a shower cap)

body soap & hand soap

body lotion & body spray

Visine, Tylenol & Ibuprofen

mini first aid kit


Eye Makeup Remover

facial Scrub

ponytail Holders & Bobby Pins



an assortment of “female necessities”

ear plugs

sewing kit

a little note that says “We’re So Glad You’re Here”

an assortment of new magazines (incl. Field & Stream and Sports Illustrated for the guys…)

**** The BEST part about this basket is that ALMOST all of it was free or cheap, cheap, cheap using coupons or free internet deals.

My current free magazine subscriptions are Field & Stream, Sports Illustrated, Martha Stewart Living, Family Fun & Better Homes & Garden.

Almost all of my toiletries are from hotel stays (I ALWAYS ask my husband to bring me back NEW toiletries from any of his business trips-  I consider it a gift! He used to roll his eyes at me about this, BUT now that he realizes how easy it is to make me happy with something he gets for FREE, he gladly does it for me! I ❤ him!)

In the guest room, I also have hanging in the closet plenty of hangers,  a robe and two body towels (I use an old ladder propped up against the wall to hang the towels on.

On the bedside table, I have a lamp, an alarm clock and two GOOD books: The Notebook  & Pride and Prejudice.

In the other corner of the room, I have a shelving unit where I keep more little treats:

Bottom shelf:

extra blanket

stamped notecards and a pen

The middle shelf has a variety of fun treats:

A basket filled with all kinds of local information. Maps of Oklahoma, Edmond (our town) information, things to do…. all the stuff that you’d find at a State Visitors Center (which is exactly where I got it all from).

A candle and matches (just because……)

Also a small basket with waters, granola bars, apples, and even snack sized M&M’s (to satisfy that late night chocolate urge).

The third (from the floor) shelf is filled with flowers and books.

The books are varied and include The Bible, A Daily Devotional, Tuesdays with Morrie, The Last Lecture, a Book of Poetry, and a Couple of Books filled with Inspirational Short Stories.

The top shelf of the corner unit is purely decorative. I like to put a small vase with fresh flowers on it right before guests come (but in all honesty, me “liking” to do something and it actually happening are not always one in the same 🙂 just keepin’ it real!!!)

After our company leaves, I strip the bed linens from the bed, then go through the basket and shelves and replace anything that may have been used. And then I call them up, thank them for coming and tell them that the room is already ready for their next trip. I sit in the guest room…. mope around a bit thinking that the visit went by way too quickly…. and then reminisce about the memories that we just created.

I am blessed daily by the amazing people that I get to share my life with……

***These are a couple of the ideas that I saw on Pinterest as well: and

Happy Friday!

Happy Weekend!

Happy Pinning!,


Day 15: Sparkly Zebra Softball Batting Helmet (if you gotta wear one… it might as well be cute!!!)

It’s the end of our daughter’s first softball season… and I just HAD to share the AwEsOmE blinged-out batting helmet that I made for her. I did try to find an idea on Pinterest, but all I saw were painted ones and I wanted something different, unique, fun, wild & sparkly!!!!

SO I created my own helmet and Pinned it… hope you LOVE it as much as she does and it leads to your very own “Pin”spiration!!!


Here’s how I created it (it’s pretty cute, huh? I definitely think this just Ups her cuteness in the batter’s box!!)

All you need are:

Batting Helmet

A sheet of fun Duck Tape (I used Zebra print that I found at Michael’s for $1 with my coupon)

Rhinestones (I used some that already had adhesive on the back, also found at Michael’s):

I cut a strip that matched the width from the front of the bill of the helmet to the part that began curving up (I so hope that I am making sense….?????)Peeled off the sticky back and placed it on the helmet.

I then took my pair of scissors (Next time I would use an exacto knife as mine weren’t very sharp…)and just pressed down to cut along the edge of the bill…..

Then using scraps of the part that I had just cut off, I filled in the rest of the bill with the Zebra print duct tape.

Then , to add a little “bling” I peeled off some rhinestones and applied them to the batting helmet. So far, they have stayed on through 1 practice and 1 game (in this 110 degree Oklahoma heat)… but if I notice that the rhinestones fall off… I suppose I’ll attach them with a stronger glue. But so far… so good…. so I’m sticking with what’s working so far!!!

I hope that your day is beautiful (and much, much cooler than it is here….)!

I would LOVE to see any batting helmets that you create, whether it be from this “Pin”spiration or another!!

Happy Pinning!,


Day 14: {Post #2} Simple Soda Bottle Centerpiece

My dining room centerpiece is ANOTHER “Pin”spiration (of course……)

Here’s mine…..

Here’s my “Pin”spiration: (from )

I love Shanty 2 Chic’s trough and her blog gives EXCELLENT step-by-step instructions. I WILL be making one for my mantle…. BUT in the meantime, I decided to go a slightly different route.

I was at Sams Club shopping about 2 months ago and bought the little “picket fence” looking box. It was filled with flowers (that I, and my black thumb, quickly killed 😦 … ahhhh well… they were pretty while they lasted). And I saved the box because I KNEW that I could find something to do with it.

After a trip to POPS (a fun Soda Pop store/restaurant/gas station here in Oklahoma on Route 66 – if you’re ever here visiting I recommend it as a fun place for you and the kiddos), my Family returned home with a variety of bottled cream sodas (YUM!) and I came home eager to fill my planter box.

After finishing the Cream Sodas (with me chanting …. Chug, Chug, Chug…. HA!), I cleaned out the bottles & simply placed them in my planter box. Then I  inserted a fake flower ( from Hobby Lobby) into each one. Voila…… Just like that… I had a simple, adorable, fun kitchen table centerpiece. Thanks for the “Pin”spiration, Shanty 2 Chic!

Have a beautiful day & Happy Pinning!,


Day 14: Burlap “Inspirational” Placemats

I have a large square dining room table that I ADORE. I love that when we have friends or family over we can all fit comfortably around our cozy table and eat… or play games… or just talk & laugh!  That table has to be my favorite purchase ever!……… BUT finding decorations for it has been difficult. Rectangular placemates don’t fit right and I’ve never seen a square placemat that I really like.

And then….. once again….. enter pinterest & it’s WONDERFUL “Pin”spirations!

Now…. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my table…. since finishing it over the weekend, I just admire it. It looks peaceful and warm. and happy. It’s not perfect…. but it’s WONDERFULLY imperfect!!!

I saw this “Pin”spiration on (Thanks Rene!) and thought I’d try to make them for myself.

I cut 14″ x 14″ squares out of burlap. This left the edges very rough and raggedy.

Then I pulled out my sewing machine and made a simple straight stitch about a 1/3 inch in all the way around the burlap square.

After stitching all the way around the burlap, I pulled the strings to cause it to fray. I did this gently and just pulled until I reached my stitch line. This left all these little frayed strings:

I then took scissors to trim the strings to make the edge look uniform. Next I pulled out my stamps (found at Hobby Lobby), an ink pad (left over from a Pottery Barn project from Ella’s baby days), and a Black Sharpie.

I lined up the stamps in the lower right corner of the placemat, and then one by one dipped them in ink and pressed them on the burlap. This left a faint image of the word “PRAY” on the placemat. I then traced over that stamped word with a sharpie. I like how it turned out……

BUT didn’t love it!! (notice the black ink left over from the other parts of the stamp!… ick!) sooooooo……. Hobby Lobby Stencils to the rescue!

LOVED IT!!!!! After stenciling the rest of the placemats and then giving them a quick iron (I sprayed a lightweight starch and ironed them on the back side)….. my table was BEAUTIFUL!!!

Can’t wait to make more to change up for the holidays:

Thanksgiving: Gather, Harvest, Feast, Give, Thankful, Etc.

Christmas: Noel, Peace, Merry, Believe, Etc.

I think it would be cute to even do the “Fruits of the Spirit”  (Thanks for the idea Linda! ): Love, Joy, Peace, patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control.

Happy Pinning :-),


Day 13: A Fresh Start (with something Tart!)

I disappeared. I know it…. and I’m sorry!!!!

Life just got the best of me. We have a lot of stReSs occurring in our home…… and I took a break from blogging BUT NOT pinning and definitely, NOT creating (is it just me or is crafting & creating an escape for others besides just me????). My break seemed to be Just from blogging….. maybe because it hadn’t yet become a “regular” thing in my life yet, maybe because computers & I don’t always get along and it just seemed like  “another” potential  form of frustration…..

ANYWAY You look at it…. I’m back and I PROMISE …I’m newly committed!!!!!

And YES, I’m starting back up at Day 13 because it’s MY blog  🙂  and it’s what I wanna do for 2 reasons:

1. wouldn’t it be MORE confusing if I skipped from Day #12 to  Day #20 27 (WOW! Has it really been thaaaattttttt long….. I’m sorry!!!)


2. I’d just be CONTINUOUSLY rubbing it in my own face that I flaked, BIG TIME, over the last week….errrrrrrr 2 weeks………

SO, enough said about that……

Today I was ready for A FRESH START & SOMETHING TART!:

(and this, my friends, is what I made… and what I drank…… and then made again…. and then drank again (yep 2 glasses of this ice cold -refreshing- tart -calorie laden- yumminess…..)

(don’t mind the blue paint drops that I got all over our picnic table.. oops… from another “Pin”spiration I’m currently working on…)

I saw this drink on Pinterest (thanks Jillee! when I was exploring “Fogo de Chao”. I had NEVER been there and our family took a much needed mini vacay to Dallas for the weekend. When my husband sent me an email stating that he had made us a reservation, I was so excited. And so, of course, me being me…. pulled out the ” ‘ol reliable Iphone” to see what I just HAD to have when I went there. Brazilian Lemonade was at the top of the list, and it was DE.LIC.IOUS.  While my husband drove home from Dallas and I kept him company with my stimulating conversation all while playing fun Road Trip games with our daughter and I turned the radio up so that I could  “Pin” away,  I stumbled across Jillee’s recipe for “Brazilian Strawberry Lemonade”.

Today it was 109 degrees outside (Ridiculous, I know…… ) and it was the perfect day to try the recipe out. BUT, I was feeling hot & lazy and didn’t want to go through all the steps that Jillee took! So…. here is my simple version of

1 cup Simply Limeade

1 TBSP Sweetened Condensed Milk

Diced Frozen Strawberries

Crushed Ice ( I filled my glass up about 1/3 with crushed ice and then 1/3 frozen strawberries)

I mixed these all together and enjoyed. Then I mixed another glass together and enjoyed again! Yum! Refreshing! Tart! Simple!

Until tomorrow…. Happy Pinning!,


Day 12 : Summer Checklist

I can’t believe that Summer Break is already more than 1/2 way over! Where, oh where, does the time go?

I am one of those Moms that LOVES Summer Break. I miss my kiddo when she’s at school and I love having the summer to hang out with her and just get to know her better.

This summer I saw a free, over-the-top stinkin’ adorable, Summer Checklist that I could fill out. We moved to the Oklahoma City area 1 1/2 years ago from California and we still have SO MUCH to explore! We REALLY love it here: the people, the accents, the slower paced life, our church, our neighborhood, the prices, the friendliness, etc etc etc (and yes, I could go on & on &on) , and summer, although a tad too warm for my liking, is the perfect time to take in some of the sites & sounds that are unique to this sweet place we now call OklaHOME.

Here’s our list on the free printable from this FANTASTICALLY AWESOME blog (found on Pinterest, of course):

Isn’t this FUN & CUTE???!!!

As you can see, I mixed in some “easy to do” items and some “go out & explore” ideas.  Ella uses a dry erase marker to circle out each thing that we do as soon as we get home!

I love that it helps with those “What should we do today?” moments….

I would LOVE to know if you and your family are utilizing a Summer Checklist and if so, what method or printable (If any?!) are you using?

With that,  we’re off to enjoy something NOT on the list: we’re BEACHBOUND (since we ARE in San Diego right now visiting family)…..

Hope your day is beautiful,

Kirsten 🙂

Day 11: Nutella Frozen Coffee

I’m headed to the airport in a few minutes to catch a flight…..

but FIRST, I HAD to share with you this morning’s amazingly yummy coffee drink. I found the idea on Pinterest ( thanks Wendy :

I changed her recipe around a little to use what I had and THIS became my pre-flight treat …..  I grabbed  little sips of this wonderfulness as I ran around like a cRaZy woman throwing last minute things into my luggage.


1 cup milk

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1 cup strong brewed coffee (cooled)

4 tsps Nutella

1 cup crushed ice

whipped cream

Add all ingredients (except the whipped cream) in the blender ( I used my Magic Bullet).  Blend until smooth.

Finish by swirling a little chocolate syrup on the inside of your glass.

Top with whipped cream and ENJOY!!!!!

And I’m off to catch a plane…..

Have a fantastic day! Thanks for stopping in to my little corner of the blogging world!

Kirsten 🙂

Day 10: Easy Burlap Dry Erase Board

Today I needed easy. We’ve got a tremendous amount of things going around in our home and I NEEDED a bit of a creative break (for my sanity’s sake)…. but nothing that required too much effort.

Pinterest once again came to the rescue (they even helped me decide what I wanted to write as my first message on my dry erase board 🙂 …. I needed something that screamed happiness and happy thoughts and just wait ’til you see what I wrote:  (drum roll please………)

I started with a cheap unfinished wood frame from the dollar store. Took it apart and then painted it.

  In the picture above you can also see what I did next….. I took the back portion of the frame and sprayed adhesive on it. I then covered it in burlap and then trimmed off the excess from the edges! Easy Peasy.

Once the green paint finished drying, I brushed over it lightly with white paint that I had really watered down. After painting it on, I took a dry paper towel and wiped the white paint off. It softened the green color and gave it a distressed/white wash look. Once all the parts were dry I put the frame back together with the glass over the burlap, and then used a dry erase marker to write “Choose Joy” in the same basic pattern (but in my own handwriting) as Laura, a  fabulous “Pinterester”,  (is that a word? and if not, what else do you call a person the puts a pin on Pinterest?):

And a HUGE Thanks to Jill Ruth for the “Pin”spiration for my super cute and easy Burlap Dry Erase board

…. I LOVED making it and I’m excited to change the message out to fit what our family needs for the day: whether they be messages of love, thoughts or hope or even a simple HELLO.

Happy Pinning & Creating,


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