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Day 15: Sparkly Zebra Softball Batting Helmet (if you gotta wear one… it might as well be cute!!!)

It’s the end of our daughter’s first softball season… and I just HAD to share the AwEsOmE blinged-out batting helmet that I made for her. I did try to find an idea on Pinterest, but all I saw were painted ones and I wanted something different, unique, fun, wild & sparkly!!!!

SO I created my own helmet and Pinned it… hope you LOVE it as much as she does and it leads to your very own “Pin”spiration!!!


Here’s how I created it (it’s pretty cute, huh? I definitely think this just Ups her cuteness in the batter’s box!!)

All you need are:

Batting Helmet

A sheet of fun Duck Tape (I used Zebra print that I found at Michael’s for $1 with my coupon)

Rhinestones (I used some that already had adhesive on the back, also found at Michael’s):

I cut a strip that matched the width from the front of the bill of the helmet to the part that began curving up (I so hope that I am making sense….?????)Peeled off the sticky back and placed it on the helmet.

I then took my pair of scissors (Next time I would use an exacto knife as mine weren’t very sharp…)and just pressed down to cut along the edge of the bill…..

Then using scraps of the part that I had just cut off, I filled in the rest of the bill with the Zebra print duct tape.

Then , to add a little “bling” I peeled off some rhinestones and applied them to the batting helmet. So far, they have stayed on through 1 practice and 1 game (in this 110 degree Oklahoma heat)… but if I notice that the rhinestones fall off… I suppose I’ll attach them with a stronger glue. But so far… so good…. so I’m sticking with what’s working so far!!!

I hope that your day is beautiful (and much, much cooler than it is here….)!

I would LOVE to see any batting helmets that you create, whether it be from this “Pin”spiration or another!!

Happy Pinning!,


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