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Day 17: Fun Times with “Fluffy” Soap & a 7 Year Old

Today was a Fun Day in our home.

No plans. No where to be. Just us.

AND so we decided to play games.

To do experiments.

To laugh and be silly.

I pulled out my Computer, Pulled Up my Pinterest account, and asked my daughter what she wanted to do. As soon as she saw the “fluff”, her mind was made up. This is our “Pin”spiration:

Our favorite experiment of the day involved a bar of Ivory Soap, parchment paper, and a Microwave.

Here’s the mountain of fluff that we created:

FUN, huh!!!! From here… she headed straight to the bathroom, hopped in the tub (sans any water) and played and played. I brought in bowls and a pot, wooden spoons, measuring cups,  a spatula, and her dolls.  She crumbled it (it is not wet or sticky at all… but rather it feels like day old cotton candy – ya know once it gets to that crumble state rather then the original just made- pull apart-stringy cotton candy?!)

After she was finished playing (and  she had brought me back a sink full of dishes to do)… she handed me another bar of Ivory Soap and said “Let’s do it again!”

And since it was one of those “anything goes- let’s just have fun” kinda days…. I happily obliged.

Here’s what we did…. again!:

-Unwrap a bar of IVORY soap (from what I read on the original pinner’s site, other types of soap will burn! Ick!! I much prefer the scent of fresh ivory soap, then a charred, burnt aroma )

– I placed the bar of soap on a piece of parchment paper

-We set the microwave on high for 2 minutes (but we only cooked it for 1 minute 35 seconds)

– And we watched through the microwave door…. and the kiddo squealed with delight (shhhh… between you & me, I was silently squealing inside too! It was cool…. kinda like watching a marshmallow cook in the microwave EXCEPT better. WAY BETTER!)

This is what we saw when we opened the door : Ivory Bar #1

 And this is Ivory Soap Bar #2:

With the second Ivory Fluff we decided to add food coloring and make bars of soap. Sara (from Our Best Bites- the original pinner of this idea) said to add water  (just enough to get the soap to stick together) and mix. We did this:

Then she said to add food coloring (however much needed to obtain the color you desire) and mix. We added ours by hand because we wanted ours all different colors:

Then we put the different colors of the soap together to create a marbled effect (exactly like you would do with playdoh- not mixing too much, but just enough to get a swirly/marbled effect). We took cookie cutters and cut out Ella’s name and a heart.

We are leaving them out to dry tonight….. but I have a VERY excited girl eagerly awaiting her bath time tomorrow morning when she’ll get to use her “Swirly Fluffy Ivory Ella Soap”.

Fun times! Thank you so much Sara for your idea!!!

We had a blast!

Have I mentioned before how VERY much I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pinterest and all its fun ideas!!!!

I hope that YOUR day was filled with as many smiles as ours was!

Until tomorrow… Happy Pinning!

:-), Kirsten

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